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Full-Service Reservation & Transportation Services in Boston, Massachusetts


Transportation for Outpatient Medical Appointments:

Dental Outpatient Procedures

Eye Examinations

Eye Dilation and Outpatient Treatment

Colonoscopy Procedure and Evaluation Treatment


Endoscopy Procedure

Ride Repeat Customers for Medical Treatment

Ride for Scheduled Appointments

To and from the Cape Cod Massachusetts


Boston Site Rides

Ride To Air Ports in Massachusetts

Ride Party of Four for Outing

Ride Repeat Customers


24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Nationwide and International


Available services with range rover for comfort & air conditioning

Who We Are

Take the hassle out of vehicle rentals with services from our reservation and transportation agents in Boston, Massachusetts. Patient Physician Hospital Network Travels, LLC specializes in global transportation services for customers.

Travel Services

Travel across the country or around the world, Patient Physician Hospital Network Travels, LLC with our first-class transportation services, we make sure that you have access to the vehicle that you need wherever you visit.

Over 30 Years of Health Care Financial Experience in the Health Care Industry


Travel Services

Customers may conveniently make their reservations at least eight hours in advance in order to ensure the service that they want. We both pick up and drop off customers basically anywhere in the world, and we can accommodate up to five people at any given time.


Planned Travel with Reservations

Avoid long lines at car rental desks with reserved transportation. We provide customers with the opportunity to plan ahead for transportation services by reserving luxury, clean cars such as Mercedes-Benz®, Cadillac®, and more. For your safety, we only use certified and trained drivers that are fully insured.


Total Travel Help

Handle all of your travel-related necessities through Patient Physician Hospital Network Travels, LLC. One of the main advantages of our service is that we are available through reservations.


Accessible Transportation Reservations & Travel Planning

Make your next trip more enjoyable with transportation reservations and travel planning from Patient Physician Hospital Network Travels, LLC Uber in Boston, Massachusetts. Whether you are planning a vacation or business trip, we help you arrange transportation before you arrive.

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